Frequently Asked Questions
How can I contact you?
Use the CONTACT button at the bottom of the page or email studio@mixmagic.com

I am a Songwriter, but not a great singer. I want to have my songs recorded to pitch to Artists, Managers, Labels and Publishers. Can you do that for me?
Yes. We have top class Vocalists and Musicians and can produce a very professional demo for you.

I have a budget for my project. Can you tell me what I could expect for this fee?
Yes of course. Just include that information when you send us your track for feedback.

I have a number of tracks I want you to work on. Can you offer a discount for this?
Yes. We will give you a special rate if you are making an EP or an album.

Can you produce a Music Only version for me to use for live shows or live radio / TV?
Yes. We do that a lot.  For example, you might want to go on TV or radio with just a guitar player and have a stripped back version with percussion and bass as a backing track - that's no problem.

If I send you my work will you use it for "Before / After" examples or share with other clients?
No. Our relationship with you is totally private. If you decide to release your material that's up to you, not us!
Just in the same way you wouldn't expect Beyonce's demo recordings to be made public by her producer.

I don't understand how to send my song as "stems" Can you explain?
Yes. We will send you a document that explains fully how to prepare your track for us.

What's the difference between Mixing and Mastering?
The mixing process takes all the source tracks, edits, processes, and balances them into one stereo track. Mastering takes this stereo track and makes small adjustments before using subtle compression to bring it up in level to match commercial recordings.
We can do both these processes on your track.

I hear Mastering Levels are changing. What's all that about?
For some time now we have had what has become known as "the loudness wars"-  tracks made as load as possible so that they sound more impressive on the radio. The downside of this is that it requires the music to be so heavily compressed that it sounds horribly crushed, and has no dynamics or character other than pure "in you face" loudness. That's maybe OK if you're Metallica,  but not for most recordings.

Thankfully, common sense has recently prevailed, and a new standard adopted by broadcasters. In simple terms this means older recordings that have nice dynamics will be turned up, and loud crushed tracks will be turned down via an automatic levelling process. We will soon see a lot of tracks that were "loudness war" victims being remixed and remastered to meet these new standards.

The good news is - we mix and master to this new standard, so your tracks will be optimised for radio, TV, Spotify and iTunes etc.

Do you offer Mastering only?
Not usually,  it depends on the quality of your mix.  As famous mastering engineer Bob Katz puts it "Mastering should be hair and make-up, not plastic surgery!" The problem comes when people try to use the mastering process to fix a bad mix. It is always better to go back and remix than to attempt this. Therefore, our philosophy is to get the mix right, then mastering is straightforward, subtle, and the end product is much better.

How long will it take?
It depends on the track(s), what's required and how busy we are. We aim to turn around a track in about 10 days maximum.
If you're in a hurry we can usually work something out. We may ask for an additional fee if it involves working all night or bringing session players in at short notice. We can discuss all this when you get in contact. Just explain your situation and we will do what we can to help.

Should I credit you for your work?
Yes please. If you simply state Mixed and Mastered by MixMagic.com we would be grateful.

I still have questions about my music, technical questions, confusions... Who can I ask?
Get in contact and simply ask. It's a complex subject and can be bewildering. We will do our best to help!

 Our Mission is to Make Your Music Sound Amazing!

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