How It Works

How Does it Work?

Same as if you hired a Producer and a Studio ..... Only a lot less expensive!
1. Send us your track(s) as an MP3 or a link to soundcloud etc and include this information:
  • Track title and BPM
  • What system you used to record it and the track count
  • What your aims are - to release it? to use as a demo?
  • Do you have a deadline to meet?
  • Any reference tracks you want elements to sound like.
  • What you feel it needs - eg vocal tuning, re-instrumentation, add strings, add BVs etc
  • If you have a budget you are working to you, tell us, and we will provide offers within that.
  • Any other information you feel is relevant.
2. We listen to your track, read your notes and provide you with some valuable feedback on the song, the recording and the production quality as it stands. We will also provide proposals of what we feel we can offer and what it will cost. We may provide different options reflecting different approaches. 

3. You consider whether or not you wish to proceed. If you do, we will ask you for the song in a specific format - either a Pro Tools session, or as stems. We will provide full details of exactly how to do this. It's very straightforward.

4. We get to work and produce an MP3 for you to approve, working through any required revisions.

5. When your happy with your mix, we send you the full quality music files.

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