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Whatever Your Song Needs ... We Can Do it!
We take a very holistic approach to making a record and will look at all elements to see where can offer improvements:

Getting vocals to sit properly in a track is vital to delivering the message. We will pay very special attention to both lead vocals and backing vocals to ensure the end result is what it should be.

Our processing will include tuning, timing corrections, alignment, dynamics, EQ, delay effects, reverbs, panning, widening, mid-side processing, and other special treatments as the song demands.

We will analyse the music in terms of the dynamic journey of the song - does it build well, maintain interest, have light and shade in the right places? Are the instruments well recorded or would some replacement be beneficial?  Are there sections missing? Strings maybe in the Bridge?  A low pad to gel things together? Are the frequency ranges of instruments clashing with other instruments or vocal parts?

All these things will be addressed and the tools to remedy them will be selected from a vast arsenal at our disposal. From old vintage tube gear to super hi fidelity cutting edge digital processors.  The processing techniques will involve all those listed above for vocals and much more. Your track should sound like a work of art even without vocals.  In Fact, many Artists will use such music only tracks for backgrounds when singing live on TV or radio.

So much of the movement, the flow, and the vibe of any track is down to great percussion choices. It's amusing to see when young children are in music class, teachers give the percussive instruments to the kids who have the least musical talent! ... Have you ever tried to really play a tambourine? - It's really difficult and requires expert timing and feel!  We will pay special attention to that - to the feel and groove. Plus - we don't want perfect robotic samples, they sound fake, we want life and passion!

As multi award winning mix engineer Dave Pensado puts it "Getting the low end right really does separate the men from the boys"

The way the human ear perceives low frequencies is a very complex psychoacoustic process. Most of the time when we hear what we think is a low note on a bass or a kick drum, we are in fact hearing harmonics of that frequency, and our brain is computing and playing back to us what the fundamental root note should be. 

The low notes you hear in a club are maybe 30-40Hz. to produce that frequency requires a speaker of 12 inches at least, so how come you can hear it on ear buds?  To produce the fundamental low B on a 5 string bass guitar the string would in theory need to be 9 feet long!  What's going on??

This is the art of managing the harmonics of low frequencies so that they can play just as well in a club, in a car, on a TV set, or on a phone. This is one of the most difficult things to get right in music production. 

But the good news is we can do that for you too!
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