What's the Cost?

What's All This Gonna Cost Me?

It depends on what you want to do, how complex your song is and what time and resources we need to put into it.

If you have a fairly simple production with a modest track count, and you would like us to fully mix it, including Tuning, Timing,  EQ, Compression, Delays, Reverbs, and then Master it so that is is produced to Radio Ready Release Standard...
That would typically cost from only  200 GBP / 250 USD / 210 EURO / 350 AUD

Bigger projects with more tracks and complexity will take us longer and will therefore cost more.

If we are planning to use Session Singers or Session Musicians there will be fees for those guys too.

Whenever you send us your track we will make you an offer - or maybe a couple of different offers, detailing what we can do for you.
This will include the number of revisions where you have the opportunity to give your feedback as we fine tune things together.

Then it's totally up to you...
If you want to proceed then we'll get to work on your song. If you don't,  then that's fine.  We won't be offended and we won't ask you for any money!

If you're a new client and you feel you'd like to have some reassurance about working with us, then ask about our Money Back Guarantee. We can offer this on smaller projects for new clients, but it does limit somewhat the scale of what we can offer for that initial engagement.

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